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column:industry news time:2015-01-04

polyether ether ketone (peek) resin is a special engineering plastic with excellent properties and has more significant advantages compared with other special engineering plastics. positive high temperature resistance 260 degrees, excellent mechanical properties, good self-lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant, stripping resistance, wear resistance and resistance to strong nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, radiation resistance, super mechanical properties can be used for high-end machinery and aviation technology.

radiation resistance, insulation stability, hydrolysis resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, in line with the material made of mechanical parts with self-lubricating effect.

excellent temperature resistance, thermal stability, ultra-high heat resistance (better than pps), hdt above 315 degrees celsius, ul continuous use temperature of 250 degrees celsius.

1: mechanical properties peek is a plastic with a balance of toughness and rigidity. in particular, its excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress is the most outstanding among all plastics, comparable to alloy materials.

2: self-lubricating peek has outstanding sliding characteristics in all plastics, suitable for the use of strict requirements of low friction coefficient and friction resistance. especially, carbon fiber, graphite mixed modified peek has better self-lubrication performance.

3: chemical resistance (corrosion resistance)peek has excellent chemical resistance. the only chemical that can dissolve or destroy it is concentrated sulfuric acid, which has similar corrosion resistance to nickel steel.

4: flame retardant peek is a very stable polymer, 1.45mm thick sample, without any flame retardant to achieve the highest flame retardant standards.

5: peel resistance peek has good peel resistance, so it can be made to cover very thin or electromagnetic wire, and can be used under harsh conditions.

6: fatigue resistance peek has the best fatigue resistance of all resins.

7: radiation resistance high radiation resistance ability is very strong, more than the general resin irradiation resistance of the best polystyrene. it can be made into high performance with good insulation ability when γ irradiation dose is up to 1100mrad.

8: hydrolytic resistant peek and its composite materials are not affected by the chemical effects of water and high-pressure water vapor, and products made of this material can still maintain excellent characteristics in high temperature and high-pressure water continuous use.

peek product characteristics

peek (polyether ether ketone) plastic material is an aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material, its melting point is 334℃, with high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical properties.

high temperature resistance:peek resin has high melting point (334℃) and glass transition temperature (1 43℃). the continuous use temperature is 260℃, and the load thermal variation temperature of 30%gf or cf reinforced grade is up to 316℃.

polyether ether ketone (peek), as a new semi-crystalline aromatic plastic engineering plastics, has excellent physical and mechanical properties. it can replace traditional materials such as metals and ceramics in many special fields. it has made outstanding contributions in reducing quality and improving performance, and has become one of the most popular high-performance engineering plastics today. peek has outstanding high temperature resistance and can be used at 250℃ for a long time and at 315℃ for an instant. its rigidity, dimensional stability, line expansion coefficient is small, close to metal aluminum material; peek has good chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and almost all organic solvents, as well as flame retardant and radiation resistance. peek has excellent resistance to sliding wear and fretting wear, especially high wear resistance and low friction factor at 250℃. in addition, peek is easy to extrude and injection molding. with some excellent comprehensive properties, peek has been widely used in aerospace, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power, rail transit and other fields, even in 200 degrees steam, its tensile strength, quality and appearance do not change significantly, can be used for a long time. it has good fatigue resistance under the action of high alternating stress, and has long-term load resistance and good wear resistance. excellent flame retardant, self-extinguishing, does not contain flame retardant in the resin, the molecule does not contain halogen, so the combustion will not pollute the environment, oxygen index up to 24-35, flame retardant grade ul94v& mdash; 0. peek is stable to other solvents except that it is soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid and becomes yellow. however, if insufficient crystallization occurs, cracks will be generated in copper propylene solvents.

peek molding processing can be injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, pressing and so on.