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column:industry news time:2015-01-04

pi(polyimide) materials are characterized by low temperature resistance (-269~400℃), high friction resistance, self-lubrication, high strength, high insulation, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, resistance to organic solvents, self-extinguishing, non-toxic and other comprehensive properties. pi(polyimide) part of the long-term working temperature above 300℃, short-term up to 400℃, is currently engineering plastics in the best temperature resistance of engineering plastics, its comprehensive performance is also incomparable to other special engineering plastics, known as "problem solving expert."

polyimide (machining, injection molding products) as sealing materials, structural parts materials, heat insulation materials, friction materials and other widely used in compressor, tobacco machinery, food packaging machinery, office machinery, electronic products, mold industry and other aspects as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication or sealing parts are widely used, won the user's high praise.


1, mechanical properties, good fatigue resistance, good self-lubrication; the tensile strength of homobenzene polyimide film can reach 170 mpa and biphenyl film can reach 400mpa

2, wear resistance, friction coefficient is small and not affected by humidity, temperature, high impact strength, but sensitive to the gap.

3, excellent heat resistance, can be used in -260 (not brittle crack) ~ 330℃ for a long time, thermal variation temperature up to 343℃.

4, good radiation resistance, no cold flow, no cracking, excellent electrical insulation, flame retardant.

5, shrinkage rate, linear expansion coefficient is small, good dimensional stability, low water absorption.

6, good chemical stability, ozone resistance, bacterial erosion resistance, good solubility, but vulnerable to alkali, pyridine and other erosion.

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